Celebs Who Were Caught With a Transsexual

It’s hard enough for a male celeb in Hollywood to find someone he can trust and spend time with, but it’s even worse when the person you think is a woman turns out to be a guy who looks exactly like a woman you would find attractive. And when celebs are outed as having fallen for a transsexual or transgender person, the resulting publicity isn’t typically the kind they crave. Here are some famous people who probably wish you didn’t know they were either fooled by a dude, or sought out a woman who used to be a man.

1. Mister Cee


Mister Cee is a well-known rap DJ who has worked with Big Daddy Kane and the late, great Notorious B.I.G. Cee got his name into the public eye in the worst way when he a videotape surfaced that showed him trying to negotiate a carnal act with a transvestite. Cee’s explanation was that while he did troll for transgender women, he only did so to obtain oral pleasures. As if that somehow negated his preference?

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