Things Kate Middleton Does That Bothers The Queen

The Duchess of Cambridge is, by all accounts, a perfectly lovely individual. She has style, grace, poise, and everything else a member of the royal family ought to have. She does, however, have a tendency to, shall we say, bend the rules a bit. Having married into such a public and proper family, Kate has to deal with a certain number of expectations being placed on her at all times. Expectations, it seems, that Her Majesty the Queen may not feel are being met. Here are the  seemingly inconsequential things Kate Middleton does that probably upset her royal grandmother-in-law.

The Topless Photos


There would obviously be controversy surrounding any member even remotely connected with the royal family if photos with any amount of nudity are involved. Kate’s topless photos, while intended innocently enough, must have angered Her Majesty in monumental ways.

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