The Most Outrageous Lawsuit Payouts In History

America is considered to be a very litigious society these days. Americans sue so often that there are even different courts set up depending on the size of the payout you’re looking for. There are also lawsuits which seem a bit ridiculous and then there are lawsuits that make you take off your glasses (even if you don’t have them you pantomime the action) rub your eyes and put your glasses back on. That’s because there are some payouts that are simply shocking and usually ridiculous. Check out or list of the most shocking and outrageous lawsuit payouts in history and tell us what you think.

The Skechers Lawsuit


When the Skechers brand of sneakers ran ads claiming people could lose weight, without ever going to the gym if they wore their shoes, they should have seen the lawsuit coming. False advertising claims led to the company paying out more than $40 million to disgruntled customers.

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